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Koverage Insurance Group Hotel Insurance

Every business has its own special set of unique challenges. Few businesses in Connecticut, however, have a larger scale of challenges than hotels. The hospitality industry is subject to a host of varying risk factors everyday just through the very nature of the business. Hotels operate on large properties, serving hundreds of guests with a large staff to think about as well. Without the appropriate insurance coverage from Koverage Insurance Group serving Enfield CT, these factors could add up to a liability nightmare. Here are few of the risks which hotel insurance can help protect against.

Digital Threats

Hotels must collect and store huge amounts of personal data from their clients. This information includes financial information, addresses, phone numbers, even places of employment. Keeping this information secure is crucial to the long-term success of the hotel. Considering that today even the door locks are online and can digitally operated brings into focus the level of risk that digital threats could have against a hotel. Hotel insurance coverage can cover these types of digital threats as well as more traditional risks.

Lost Property/ Damaged Property

A hotel requires a lot of equipment, furniture, and electronics in order to operate efficiently. All of this property is at risk of being stolen or damaged. Hotel insurance protects the investment in these items, so that if damaged or stolen, the items can be quickly replaced at no out of pocket expense to you. In addition, hotel insurance will also protect the property in the event of storm damage, fires or other types of unavoidable damage.

Guest Injury

With so many people coming and going on your property the risk of someone getting injured is high. Most people will not make a big deal out of a small injury, however, if you encounter a guest that is going to make big deal or a guest that incurs a major injury, you will want to be sufficiently covered to protect yourself from liability.

If you would like to learn more about hotel insurance in Connecticut, please contact our friendly staff at Koverage Insurance Group serving Enfield CT.

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